Vehicle Collision Alignment

Is your car pulling to one direction or not driving straight like it should? Turn to the professional collision repair experts at Joe Pierrel Auto Inc. We provide vehicle alignments to align your vehicle's frame or wheels back to its original placement. We have the tools and experience to align all makes and models of vehicles from cars to SUVs.
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Computerized Alignments

At Joe Pierrel Auto Inc., we use our state-of-the-art computerized EST machine to align your vehicle. This ensures all alignments are precisely to your vehicle's exact factory standards.

Importance of Vehicle Alignments

It is important to have the correct vehicle alignment to safely operate your vehicle. Alignment affects vehicle steering, braking stability, fuel economy, and tire tread wear. Correct alignment will also help reduce suspension parts wear as well.

Signs You Need an Alignment

If you notice any of these common signs, you may need a wheel or frame alignment. Common signs of improper alignment include your vehicle pulling to the right or left, rapid and uneven tire wear, your steering wheel is turned or crooked when driving straight, vibration in your steering wheel when driving at higher speeds, or your tires squeal when driving. To ensure your and your passengers' safety, contact Joe Pierrel Auto Inc. for professional alignment services. Even if you suspect a subtle alignment issue, turn to Joe Pierrel Auto Inc.. Our technicians will be able to quickly identify if there is an alignment issue with your vehicle and efficiently resolve the problem.

Make an Appointment for Vehicle Alignment

To make an appointment to have your vehicle aligned, call Joe Pierrel Auto Inc. at 724-287-2737 today. We are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle is running both safely and efficiently. Give us a call today and let us restore your vehicle's alignment back to the exact factory specifications.